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Install Puppylinux inside Windows

Tahrpup 6.0.5

Puppylinux is a small linux distro that is very power full. Almost all linux distros are available on the internet and we can easily download them. From the gui side Puppylinux is very simple. From kesederhaannya that puppy is very fast in loading and pengistallan. Puppy runs a lot in RAM resulting in maximum speed. Puppylinux runs on some squash files that will be mounted by the kernel when booting. You can install puppylinux inside windows to try it you can install it inside windows. why do puppy install inside windows, because if you try it on virtual machine will feel different

Puppylinux is the fastest distro to load and can still provide all the useful components of a standard Linux distribution. Puppy is helpful when used as a tool to save files on a cluttered Windows installation or just want to access some suspicious sites without fear of getting my Windows installation infected with malware. Puppy Unlike debian based linux like Ubuntu and linuxmint, Install Puppylinux inside windows is very easy, can also be called dual boot Puppylinux  on windows.

To install Puppylinux inside windows at this time we do not need to prepare usb flasdisk for booting directly through usb. Do not worry this will keep running quickly as when preparing usb flash. Prepare yourself and follow the steps below to get started. Do not forget to have a glass of coffee 

For as Note: Before follow tutorial install puppylinux inside windows. Make sure your windows is not in the fastboot mode position, because it will make the windows partition can not be mounted by the puppy system. 

Step By step to install puppylinux inside windows :

1. Download latest version of Puppylinux ISO from 
2. Download LICK from

After downloading the installation file Puppylinux on the page Please select the version to use whether 32 bit or 64 bit. Or check your computer again using checking software. after the above 2 puppylinux installation material downloaded follow the next step.

3. Launch LICK 

4.  Then drag and drop the iso file into LICK window
5.  Just click on the Install button.Wait a while until you see the success message. Yeaah ... you have successfully installed puppylinux inside windows. voillaaa

6. Reboot your computer and you will see the boot manager from which you can choose Windows or Puppylinux on the LICK Boot loader. Like this picture.

Similarly Tutorial install puppylinux inside windows hopefully help your work. The latest version of puppy is now version 7.5 with the name XenialPup 7.5 compatible with ubuntu xenial repository. Good luck Puppy that can be used as tools when an error occurs on your windows. TuTutorial install puppylinux inside windows is done on windows based computer 7,8,10 which do not use UEFI as booting. So Tutorial install puppylinux inside windows does not apply on windows computer using UEFI bootable.

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